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5 Reasons Why Hydrotherapy Can Help Your Recovery

When I first meet a patient, more often than not it is because they have been referred to us by their doctor for hydrotherapy. Now the reason the referral is usually for hydrotherapy, is because the benefits of hydrotherapy can be enjoyed much earlier than land based treatment. Unfortunately for most patients I see, they […]

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Anytime Fitness – Our 24/7 Solution

With always being on a mission of improving the recovery outcome for our patients, we have been searching high and low for a reputable fitness facility franchise with a synergistic philosophy as our own, to come on board and partner with us to provide better treatment solutions for our patients. This is why we are […]

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Improving Patient Outcomes With Exercise Physiology

A while back I attended a professional development workshop facilitated by our industry body, Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA) and sat in on a presentation by Mary Hawkins of Work Cover NSW. During this presentation I was horrified to hear the statistic that 83% of all referrals made for Exercise Physiology treatment occurred six months post injury or later […]

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When To Use Ice or Heat?

Now this is a question I get asked all the time as people often get confused when treating themselves to whether they should be using ICE or HEAT to assist their injury. When I say ICE or HEAT, I refer to the use of hot / cold packs or ice cubes wrapped in a wet […]

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